Being Twenty-Seven

Twenty-Seven is a weird age. I mean it’s such an in-between age. I initially was apprehensive about turning twenty-seven because I don’t want to join The 27 Club. It’s an irrational fear because I’m not a musician but it was a worry of mine.

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My Irrational Fear

I’m finding that shopping is the strangest thing about being twenty-seven for me. One I’m still in the middle of my weight loss journey so I’m apprehensive about spending a certain level of money. Two I just started student loan repayments so I really don’t want to spend any money. Three, I feel like I’m getting too old for Forever21 and I’m too young for J. Crew. It’s strange. I like clothes from both retailers but the price point/quality of Forever21 clothing is too low; well the quality, the price fits my budget. The clothes from J. Crew are great, the styles aren’t exactly what I like but the prices make me cry little teeny tears.

The other weird thing about twenty-seven is dealing with my career. I work a job that pays decently (maybe not for D.C. but anywhere else I’d be loaded) but the work is just okay. I realize it’s just a job and that it is a stepping stone but I’m at the point in my career where I’m not sure what I want. The possible paths are numerous. I’m probably aiming towards leadership positions but I’d also like to eventually be a stay at home mom, for at least the possible future kids first few years of life.

Most of these thoughts didn’t pop up until I turned twenty-seven which is what makes it even more annoying. Life was so simple at 18, take student loans, go to class, enjoy. Now it consists of the choice between the $5 Forever21 dress that will last 3 washes or the $100 J. Crew Factory Dress that I probably won’t fit in 3 months due to weight loss. Oh and I know these are “first-world problems” but hey that’s what your personal blog is for.

Another weird thing about this age is sudden musical taste changes. I literally loved trap music about a year ago. I still blast trap music hard, but I’m seeing the youth in my neighborhood walking around trying to live that “rapper” lifestyle on a low budget. So basically there all the high all the time and walking around like zombies, it’s not cute. I feel like that old fuddy-duddy neighbor screaming get off my lawn. I know that’s just the natural priority shift that comes with growing up but what will I listen to in the car now?

What does everyone think about turning/being twenty-seven? Was it a great age for you? Do you miss it? Did you think you had it all figured out and then everything changed?



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