What do you do when the weekly workout plan fails?

This week I started with a strong plan. I sat down Sunday night and plotted out my workouts for the week. It was simple enough. Go to the gym at 4:30am-5am, do my workout, come home and work from home for the rest of the day but the weekly workout plan failed.

This didn’t happen. I am notoriously bad at falling asleep early. I blame it on a childhood addiction to Adult Swim. It’s difficult to fall asleep before 10 pm. This makes it difficult to get up at 4:15 am for the gym. This is a terrible excuse though. I can make my gym time in the evening or move it to after work.

That was my solid “excuse” for missing Monday and Tuesday. I just didn’t wake up and/ or didn’t go in the evening because “I’ll go in the morning.” Once these issues passed, I caught a cold. It felt like I was getting the flu but I just slept and Dayquil-ed through it. The one time I won’t exercise is while sick. I know that if I exercise sick, I’ll just wind up with more issues later.

I’m writing this post to prove the point that even the most well thought out plans can fail. Life and laziness happen, my only goal is to do better next week!