Keto, a lifestyle for change

If you’ve made it to my blog from my Poshmark, welcome. You’ve already checked out an interesting side effect of my keto fueled weight loss journey. My whole closet has to go! Selling my old clothes is both motivation not to gain the weight back and helps other women look and feel great. I’m really loving selling on Posh. It’s a fun community. My starting stats were 4’11ft and 205 lbs. I’m now 155-150 lbs depending on the day. The overall goal is to get down to about 115.  But now let me fill you in on my weight loss journey.

I gained a lot of weight while on a heavy dose of steroids. Before I started this treatment, I was already overweight. I’ve been on steroids before and know it’s difficult to avoid the weight gain so I just ate terribly. I had the mindset that it’d be impossible to lose so why try to avoid the gain. Don’t ever adopt that mindset.  My diet was a lot of fast food, fries, got all three meals a day and then some. I got to a point where I just didn’t feel good being me anymore. It was hard to walk up stairs, my body hurt all the time, and I was always hot. Sticking to a healthy diet was nearly impossible, I would eat healthy for a week and just fall back off the wagon. It was a vicious cycle.

Finding the Keto Diet

A delicious piece of chicken, perfect for keto

One day my boyfriend mentioned the ketogenic diet to me. Initially, I was like yeah whatever, I don’t know what you’re talking about. Now I know he’s very spot on with things and I should listen more often. Eventually realized something had to give. I was going to wind up with diabetes and a whole host of other problems. I decided one day after losing about 10lbs from clean eating and a 3 day a week workout plan from an online fitness coach, that I’d switch my diet to the Ketogenic diet. Keto isn’t too mainstream so Reddit was my first exposure to the diet. From Reddit, I began just reading and reading and reading. I don’t dive into things until I’ve done the research.

This switch changed my life. I was finishing grad school and school work became easy. I have better focus, better energy and just feel better. Losing the first 50 lbs was done without working out so I started my “weekly workout plans” in an effort to start back at exercising but blogging them is on hold. The gym is a much bigger part of my life now but I’m not posting my weekly workout plans yet. Not until I’m consistent. Just the food choices of the keto diet helped me to get on track and I’m sure it can help you too.

If you’d like to learn more about keto, check back to the blog next week. A “How to Start Keto” post is coming soon.