Why I’m giving up on a goal weight and why you should too

We’ve all done it. Looked at the BMI chart and set an arbitrary goal weight somewhere within the “ideal” weight range. Well, I’m calling fooey on the “goal weight”. This sounds crazy as someone who is still categorized as “overweight / almost obese” on the BMI scale but bear with me. I have 3 reasons you need to leave the goal weight behind.

Reason 1: Everyone’s body composition is different

During the beginning half of this year, I re-joined the gym and got pretty serious. (I’m off the wagon now). I actually wound up giving up on my goals and stopping my gym progress because the scale wasn’t moving down. What I’ve realized now that my minorly sculpted legs are turning back to jello is that I was gaining muscle and losing fat. The scale stayed within the same 2-3 lb range, even though I was lifting heavier each week. You have to remember that muscle weighs more than fat. If you are losing weight and putting on muscle, your ideal “125, 115, 105” might not be so reasonable. I lost motivation because the scale wasn’t moving when in actuality, my body was more toned, stronger and leaner.

Reason 2: Measurements are king

The goal weight is based on a number on the scale. Anything you do can change the scale. Poop, gain 2 lbs (somehow), sneeze, lose 3 lbs, use the restroom, drop 4 lbs. (I’ve used the last trick to get a low scale weight). I mean, you can step on the scale in the am before using the restroom and weigh 155, use the restroom and weigh in at 150. Why even bother with the scale if a tiny pee, throws you down 5lbs. Measurements can show you your real progress. Measurements and the way clothes fit are the best indicators of progress.

Reason 3: Our brains are kind of strange and cannot be trusted

Because I have a hard time with the weights on the scale, I use my progress pics and measurements to really see how I’m doing. The scale staying the same is bad for mental health and makes me feel like I haven’t made progress. I’m sure you’ve felt the same. I’m down 50-55 lbs and still feel over 200 lbs. By losing your attachment on the scale, you can focus on the fact that you look and feel better. Focusing on the stupid number that moves up and down all month, won’t help you reach your goal.