"How I Earned $4,000 reselling clothes in one year"

*insert Drake voice* I went from $0 to $4000 real quick, Selling on Poshmark

Well, 10 months so not real f***in quick (to quote the song). Sorry I couldn’t help myself. I just wanted to share my first venture into Side Hustling.

I started selling on an app called Poshmark. My boyfriend is a long time reseller but I never saw the true benefits. I started reselling on Poshmark to solve a crisis.

That crisis made me start reselling was my student loan repayments starting. I wasn’t ready. Honestly, I should have been ready but I wasn’t ready at all.

My initial student loan payments on my private and public student loans were over $700. When a $700 payment comes at you out of nowhere you try everything.

How I got started with Reselling on Poshmark

First I started an account on Poshmark. I didn’t start selling anything until a month after I started my account. The first month, I read and read and read everything Poshmark related that I could find. You can check out my pinterest board for addtional Poshmark resources that helped me out. 

I spent evenings wathcing youtube videos. Finally, I researched how to take my pictures, how to gain a following and spent the first month building up my closet.

Once I had researched myself to death, I started my selling. First I sold my old clothes. Losing 55lbs leaves you with a lot of clothes to resell.

This netted me about $500 in the first month. All my time was spent sharing and listing. I even made Poshmark Ambassador status in that first month. Every time I touched the computer I shared my closet. Eventually I wanted to improve the quality of my listing photos so I bought items to make my closet more professional

Earning my first $500 was all the motivation I needed. Once my personal closet was almost empty, I started thrifting and doing a little retail arbitrage.

Just as a note, once you start buying to sell, you’ve moved into a taxable territory and you should meet with a CPA or find a course. This part still confuses me.

How much I’ve made reselling on Poshmark

I’m past a year of reselling and I’ve made about $5,250 total between Poshmark (main source), Mercari and Relovv.

It’s not the easiest side hustle, you have to find inventory, clean inventory, measure inventory, photograph inventory, store inventory, list inventory and pack inventory when you finally sell it. This is not passive income. As with most “passive” income sources, you have to put in the initial work.

It is a fun side hustle though. I loved shopping and used to spend each weekend at the mall but I’ve traded the mall for the thrift store and traded spending money shopping for making money shopping.

How much I've made Poshmark Reselling
Sales as of September 2019

That’s my journey into reselling. Click here if If you want to join me in reselling on Poshmark, use my invite code TWEETYSFITS for $5 off your first purchase! If you liked this post leave a comment below! I’ll be sharing more Poshmark tips in the future.

I Went From $0 to $4000, Real Quick Reselling #Poshmark #SideHustle