First things first, I LOVE POSHMARK and Reselling

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Reselling Toolkit

Poshmark is a mobile app and a website that allows you to sell clothes, shoes, bags, and new makeup to other Poshers around the USA. It’s like eBay’s younger cooler sister. It’s really easy to get started using. Download the app, snap photos of the clothes, upload, sell, and ship. Easy as pie. As you get more experienced with Poshmark you’ll likely branch into reselling, buying clothes for a low price to resell for a higher price.

It is easy to be a hobby seller with just your phone and a wall for taking pictures. You just snap as you go and make those sales. If you want to make selling on Poshmark more than a hobby there are a few items you’ll need for your closet. These items will allow your pictures to look more professional and hopefully bring in more buyers. If you look at my closet you can see how my photos have progressed. I didn’t buy all of this at once. I spent my profits to buy these items.

The items you’ll need


Honestly, I use my steamer for my work clothes and my posh closet. The steamer will allow you to take pictures where the clothes don’t look frumpy. Some people re-steam items before they mail them but that’s almost pointless if you ship with a poly-mailer, not a box.


I don’t use this as often anymore because I need a second one with a larger size but my mannequin makes dresses look great

Lighting Kit

This is vital for taking great pictures unless you have great natural light at home

Backdrop Support System

I use this to hold my backdrop in place. In the future, the backdrop will be the wall


This creates a smooth white background for me. My walls are tan and not my favorite color for taking pretty pics.

Polymailers (optional)

I loved the last set of poly mailers I purchased. I haven’t found a set I like so I haven’t repurchased these yet. I’m currently using the plain boring USPS envelopes until a poly-mailer catches my eye.

USPS Boxes or Envelopes – These are free! I have more sizes than I need in my house but my spouse runs a reselling based business too. Make sure you use Priority Mail free supplies, the post office will reject flat rate boxes

Pre-Made Gift Cards – I  handwrote my thank you cards but my hands would get tired if I had multiple orders. It also became really time-consuming if I had a lot of orders and it was late. Now I ship a premade card unless the purchase is over a certain value. Thanks to Vistaprint

Tissue Paper – I place my orders in a plastic bag and then wrap them in tissue paper, this prevents the worry of the tissue paper color running onto light clothes. I usually just pick the cheapest tissue paper I can find

These items will get you started as a Poshmark reselling professional. If you think I’ve missed something add it in the comments below and I’ll add it to the list.


My Reselling Toolkit that helped me earn over $5,000 on Poshmark