We only have so many hours in a day. Poshmark is an awesome app to resell clothes but it’s a little demanding. There are blogs everywhere on the 30-minute method but what if you can’t spare 30 minutes? I have some tips to make the most of your time on Poshmark.

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Dedicate Time for Poshmark

Don’t let selling on the app take up your whole life. I did that at first and it was pretty profitable but it was tiring. I burned myself out. Now I’m more focused. If I’m going thrifting or retail shopping, I allocate a time slot the next day for measurements, photos, and listing. Set aside a few times a day or at least one time to share your entire closet. This took forever for me when my closet had 250 active items. Now I’m down to 100 and it’s manageable.

Share at optimal times

Evenings and weekend mornings. If you can only share once a day (like me lately), share in the evenings. When I was sharing all-day long, most of my sales were evenings or weekend mornings. I’m not sure why but those were great sales times for me. Something else might work better for you so experiment.

Focus on your “High Ticket” items

If you have minimal time to focus on the app, just share your high ticket items. If you sell certain brands faster than others, just share a few of these listings. Optimize your time as much as you can and focus on the items that are likely to sell

Simplify your packing process

Cut back on cute packaging. Print out cute thank you cards, get clear plastic bags to package the item safely into cute poly mailers. Then streamline your “packing area” in your house. This cuts down on shipping times dramatically.

Finally, cross-post your items

Poshmark is more of a “social” selling site. Cross post your items to Mercari or eBay. eBay has a learning curve, shipping costs are by weight and you pay for shipping upfront and the buyer can reimburse you, but it’s hands-off. You list your item and eventually, it sells.