Anything about fitness. In my case, trying to get fit is here. I have workout plans, workout progress and how I’m working towards being more fit.

So I promised workout accountability

And I’m here to deliver. I wanted to hold myself accountable and provide an online accountability log. Yesterday I was not feeling well. My new meds plus PMS had me extremely tired. I didn’t work and I didn’t exercise.

But I delivered today

Today I went to my gym. I’m in an office workout challenge and today we had a circuit style challenge. We did 4 rounds of leg exercises with 45 seconds of jumping jacks in between. 4 rounds of arm exercises with 45 seconds of jabs in between and 2 rounds of ab work with 15 seconds of mountain climbers in between. The only issue was the fire drill that stopped me in the middle of my ab work. I’ll be redoing that part Thursday!

Working out without eating clean is like putting water in your gas tank

As you all know from my keto post, I try to stick to the ketogenic diet. I started my morning with my bulletproof coffee. I know this doesn’t count as fasting for some people but I do a bulletproof coffee in the mornings. This means  I did a fast of about 16 hours today, I broke my fast with Lily’s Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate (Sea Salt). I went to the gym and did my strength training (Intermittent Fasting makes fasted / low-calorie workouts easier). When I got home I roasted some broccoli and ate chicken thighs with zucchini, squash, pesto, mozzarella cheese and parmesan. Now I’m finishing my evening with digestion tea and my side hustle (which you can check out with the link to your left).

Tomorrow’s Plan

Tomorrow will be a little busier at work. I’m going to try to wake up early to make Spin Class. If I make it to Spin, I’ll try to do some strength in the evening. We will see!

This is going to be such a terribly short post, I’m really sorry. The weekly workout plan failed again. I’m not even going to post them anymore. Then other dumb things happened today so HAPPY HUMP DAY. -Tweety

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