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Budget, for many it’s a forbidden word. You mention a budget and the mental images of beans and rice and pain start. Budgets don’t mean sacrifice. When you start a budget, it is the opposite. Budgets bring clarity and security to your life.

Budgeting doesn’t have to be scary or forbidden. I’ve compiled a few tips to help you start a budget.

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How to Start a Budget, When You Don't Know Where to Start. It doesn't have to be painful. #budget #budgeting #savingmoney

Start a budget by writing down your necessary expenses

Starbucks and Netflix aren’t included in your necessary expenses. Necessary expenses consist of rent/mortgage, transportation costs, food costs, costs related to maintaining your income.

Necessary expenses are the things you need to keep food, shelter, and safety.

My current necessary expenses follow:

This is my current active budget so I’ve clipped off the dollar amounts. I use YNAB for budgeting (in case you were wondering).

Currently, I split my budget out in with mandatory expenses separated from flexible expenses. This lets me know what to do if money is tight for a month.

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