2019 goals 
"2019 Goals, It's That Time Again"
Financial, Personal and Other Goals
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It’s 2019 Goals time

Each year I try to set some goals and work towards accomplishing them. Currently, I’m reading Atomic Habits which is against the idea of broad goals. My focus is on financial goals and regular goals. Kind of like last year. I understand why goals aren’t exactly ideal. Most importantly, what’s next when you hit them? That’s been my biggest struggle this year. Habits will keep me going even after I reach my 2019 goals.

Let’s Start with 2018

2018 was pretty freaking awesome.

I just want to leave that there. If I had to rate this year on a scale of 1 – 10 it’s definitely about a 9. I deviated from the 2018 goals list I had posted but I had a great year. Using the top three things review from last year, 2018’s top 3:

  • I got a new job with a raise
  • I maintained my weight loss
  • As of today I’ve finished 22 out of my 26 books I wanted to read this year

I deviated from my book list from last year (7 from the 10 on that list) but overall I think I read some winners. I might start a book review series on the blog to cover these books. As for the new job, I promise that the strangest opportunities come to you when you a. go outside of your comfort zone and b. take risks. It sounds hella corny but it’s what happened to me this year.

I spent a lot of the year focusing on my new job. With the new job came 5 full days in the office and less time to focus on dieting. I maintained my weight loss and I’ve floated around about 150-155 this year. I haven’t really stuck to keto and with more time in the office and less time to meal prep I haven’t been eating as clean as I used to. But I’m generally low carb but I sit near the office treats section so I usually have candy or something in the afternoons.

2019 Planning

First things first. I’m going to try to focus more on the habits themselves versus specific goals. So even though I hit quite a few of the goals I didn’t put out for the blog those included finding a new job or getting a promotion at my current job (I did both, promotion but with the same company), another goal was earning at least 600/m on Poshmark. I didn’t complete this goal either. Therefore, my overall goals include creating a real routine for my work day, getting proper exercise and paying off at least 15k in debt. But the biggest of the 2019 goals is losing this last 25-40 lbs.

  • Waking up early
  • Exercising
  • Eating Cleaner
  • Daily Business Tasks
  • Career Learning
  • Financial Habits

Whatever this year brings, it’s going to be awesome.